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"QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services"

Personal or Small Business bookkeeping services are available using QuickBooks desktop or online products. Tick Tock Tax Service offers monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services alone, forwarding all necessary reports to your accountant, or as a package that includes your Federal and State income tax return preparation.

We Customize QuickBooks to Suit Your Needs

Every company is different in its own way and use their own unique processes for bookkeeping! Yet, we find there are a significant number of common bookkeeping tasks across the various industries. We have learned from our years of experience supporting multiple companies in various industries. We have leveraged these common tasks to drive bookkeeping standards and best practices across all industries. Below are some of the bookkeeping tasks common to all industries. QuickBooks itself is built on these common tasks. However, bear in mind QuickBooks can be customized to meet the unique business needs for pretty much every industry.

Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations

Do you hate keeping bank and credit card records? We can enter all transactions from your bank and credit card statements. We can also reconcile bank, credit-card and merchant-service accounts for you. This will ensure that your QuickBooks balances match your actual bank balances.You just email and/or fax the statements to us. You can also authorize us to log-in to your bank account in a “read-only” mode and retrieve statements. We will enter & reconcile the information into QuickBooks and send you all the reports you need. We can reconcile the accounts as often as you need — on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis.

Payroll Services

How would your employees feel if they were not paid on time? We can manage payroll using QuickBooks and/or an external third party payroll provider like ADP. We collect time-sheets from Employees via email, fax or the web. We will enter their time into QuickBooks. We will create paychecks using the time-sheets and send them to you for approval. Once you approve, we will process the paychecks by creating checks and/or direct deposits. We will email paystubs to employees. We will also deposit the payroll taxes to the appropriate state and federal agencies.

Sales Tax Filings and Payments

Many states have requirements to file and pay sales taxes on a periodic basis. Since we keep track of all your invoices within QuickBooks, we can easily calculate the sales tax liabilities. We can use this information to file and pay sales taxes on a periodic basis with the appropriate sales tax agencies.

Accounting Reports

So, we have entered and reconciled all the data in QuickBooks. So, how about reporting? What kinds of accounting reports can I get? QuickBooks allows you to generate detailed reports in Excel or PDF format. Such reports may include profit and loss, balance sheet, bank reconciliations, etc. We can also work with you to generate various custom reports you may need. We can send you these reports as often as you need them.

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